November 7, 2018 @ 11am PT

About The Data Insight Series

The Data Insight Series is a webinar series designed to help you grow your business and/or generate more revenue by looking at industry data.  It is brought to you by imATHLETE and Running USA because they love data and they care about you.  The webinar is presented by Jeff Matlow, ceo of imATHLETE.  We can neither confirm nor deny that he is both funny and smart.














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Loyalty is a two way street and it starts with your car going the right way.  Your loyal participants will represent 55 to 70% of your revenue.  



49% of your participants are willing to participate in the same event of yours next year.  But I'll bet you all the money in my wallet that you're getting a less than 49% return rate.  Am I right?


The difference between repeat participants and retained participants is an important distinction to understand.  What's also really important is to know how many of each you should be getting for every race, every year.  That's what we talk about.


At your fingertips is not just a place on your body, but it's where you need to access your repeat participant data.  These are, by far, the most important, most valuable people in your event life.  Know them, promote to them, cater to them.  Watch how and why you should.

There are three reasons you should care how far participants will travel.  Because when participants travel, it means more money for you in ways you may not be thinking about.  Watch the webinar to find out.
Runner Trends Distance Travel For An Event - imATHLETE


There are very clear trends of how far people will travel based on your event distance.  There is even a reason why this will travel the specific distance for your event.  But you'll have to watch the webinar to find out.

Registration Runner Trends Participant Travel imATHLETE


Do you know where your 10k participants are coming from?  We do.  And we know where you should and shouldn't be spending your marketing dollars.

Runner Trends Half Marathon Driving Distance imATHLETE


I guarantee that you are wasting some of your marketing spend.  Do you even know where your half marathon participants are coming from?  We do.

Runner trends travel and participation imATHLETE


People will travel different distances depending on the race distance, 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon.  The results are not what you would really expect, but once you see the data, you'll understand why it makes sense.  And it will change the way you market your events.

Runner registration patterns imATHLETE


The average runner will register at a different time depending on the distance they travel and the distance of the race.  It's interesting and predictable.  That's why we did a webinar on it.

Registration patterns runners 5k 10k marathon


Distance matters.  We can predict, with reasonable accuracy, when one of your participants will register based on how far away they live from your race and if they've done your event before.

runner registration patters 5k 10k half marathon


Time matters.  You have certain time windows in which to market to participants, depending on how far away they live.  Miss the window and you miss your main opportunity.  

runner registration trends 5k 10k half marathon imATHLETE


Advertising dollars need to be spent wisely.  Understanding that participants will register at different times based on their distance away from the race, learn how to focus your advertising on the appropriate radii.

Running registration patterns 5k 10k half marathon


Your marketing cheat sheet.   We've created a marketing cheat sheet for you to help you understand when to spend your money, where to spend it and who you should be targeting.  You're welcome.

data insight series running registration imATHLETE


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Jeff Matlow
runner. triathlete. ceo, imATHLETE

Jeff is the CEO and founder of imATHLETE.  He is a lover of data and he is a lover of helping other people and connecting those that can benefit from each other.  His knowledge of the endurance business is amongst the top out there.  Plus he puts on a pretty compelling webinar, if you ask me.  There's insight.  There's advice.  There's jokes.  Sometimes they're even funny.

Rich Harshbarger
CEO, Running USA

Rich is the CEO of Running USA the leading trade organization in the running industry.  Rich has extensive knowledge of the running industry and has led unprecedented growth in Running USA and its mission to advance and grow the running industry.  He's also one heckuva nice guy.

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    Jeff Matlow's knowledge of the running industry is second to none.  No matter how much you think you know, you'll always learn more from him.  
    John Jacobson, Greatest Events
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    These webinars are pure gold.
     Beth Mitchell, Christmas Run
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    I've learned more in these 20 minute webinars than I have at some 3 day conferences. Thank you Running USA and imATHLETE for an amazing job!
    Eileen LaMontagne