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Favorite outdoor activity
Hanging out at the beach

Favorite sports team

Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls

Guilty pleasure

See's Scotchmallows

If I were reincarnated as a drink

Hot Cocoa or a Mojito

Dream vacation destination


Song to the soundtrack of my life

I can't pick just one!

No need to Google Stalk me, here's the scoop...
Originally from the Bay Area, I decided to go to school at UCSB. I pulled a stint in the San Francisco start-up world but then gave into everyone's temptation of wanting to be a celebrity and moved down to Los Angeles!

What do I do at imATHLETE
I help facilitate the creation of new features, as well as assist with new business rules, bug fixes, and anything else that can help make our client and athlete site experience better!

My life outside of the office
I am a budding kickball superstar -- my team might lose a lot but we still have a great time! I also volunteer walking dogs and bottle feeding newborn kittens (EDITOR'S NOTE: aww!) while still trying to take advantage of the LA beaches as much as possible.

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