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Favorite outdoor activity 
Running and Tennis

Favorite sports team

Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers (just your regular bandwagon sports enthusiast!)

Guilty pleasure

Ben & Jerry's ice cream

If I were reincarnated as a drink

Red wine

Dream vacation destination

Bora Bora and Australia 
(EDITOR'S NOTE:  That's two)

Song to the soundtrack of my life
My House, Flo Rida

No need to Internet stalk me, here's the scoop..
I have been a life long runner, starting at age 7 in my first 5k and later running at the collegiate level for the College of William and Mary. I knew I wanted to stay involved in the running world and after graduating from college worked in the event industry mainly as a registration/event manager for about 10 years before moving over to imATHLETE. I love working with clients and am always finding a way to stay involved in the running industry!

So, what exactly does I do at imATHLETE?
As a Customer Success Manager, I work closely with clients to understand their events and audiences and educate them on how to best use our platform to help grow their business.

What do I do outside of the office?
Spend time with my family, hike, go to the beach and carpool my kids around town to their endless activities!

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