(a/k/a K-Money -or- K$)

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Favorite outdoor activity
Hiking with the doggo & playing basketball

Favorite sports team
LA Lakers

Guilty pleasure

Pints of froyo

If I were reincarnated as a drink

Jack on the rocks, simple efficiency

Dream vacation destination
I’m torn between the remaining Wonders of the World & my couch

Song to the soundtrack of my life

Thunder, Imagine Dragons

No need to Internet stalk me, here's the scoop... 
I am the quintessential So-Cal native. Born and raised in Los Angeles county, I am a former beach bum turned basketball fanatic. These days I can rarely be found, but when I am, it is either game-day at the pub or in line at Yogurtland with my eclectic group of friends.

What I do at mATHLETE
I head the finance department here at imATHLETE. While I manage the money day-to-day, I am really working on getting the computers to do it for us.

My life outside of the office
I spend my free-time enjoying the company of my fiancé and our dog Kuma - whether it be hiking the Hollywood Hills or sleeping in front of the TV.  Also, if it wasn’t clear, I love anything and everything basketball related.

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