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Favorite Outdoor Activity:

Favorite Sports Team:

San Francisco 49ers

Guilty Pleasure:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

If he were Reincarnated as a Drink:

Red Bull (it gives him wings)

Dream Vacation Destination:


Song to the Soundtrack of his Life:

Float On, Modest Mouse

We've done the internet stalking for you, here's the scoop on him...
Kevin has over 15 years experience designing and developing cutting-edge applications in both the public and private sectors. Most notably he was an early team-member and a Lead Engineer/Architect for Yammer, which was acquired by Microsoft in July of 2012 for $1.2b. Prior to moving into the technology space he founded and established a debt collection agency in Arizona and also served an enlistment in the U.S. Army.

So like, what exactly does he do at imATHLETE?
Kevin motivates, manages and inspires the technology team to design, develop and ship high-quality software efficiently and on a predictable schedule.

He has a life outside of the office?!
When Kevin's not working he enjoys spending time with his family, doing artwork, and playing his violin (we're still waiting to be serenaded at one of our company meetings).