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Favorite Outdoor Activity:
Playing basketball, running, swimming, hiking, and walking by the beach

Favorite Sports Team:

Los Angeles Lakers

Guilty Pleasure:

Latest tech gadget, PBJ, and BBBaacccooonnn

If he were Reincarnated as a Drink:

Jack Daniels - mixes well with any drink

Dream Vacation Destination:

Santorini, Greece

Song to the Soundtrack of his Life:

Roar, Katy Perry

We've done the internet stalking for you, here's the scoop on him...
Gio grew up in Manila, Philippines and spent almost half of my life as a member of Youth for Christ where he also met his wife. Gio has been a frustrated basketball superstar-in-waiting since the age of 10 but did lose 50 lbs recently so he's a superstar is our eyes!     

So like, what exactly does he do at imATHLETE?
As part of the QA team, Gio helps maintain the quality of our system by checking for bugs and testing new features before they are pushed to the public.

He has a life outside of the office?!
Gio loves long walks on the beach, to play basketball, and cook and eat with his wife!