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Favorite Outdoor Activity:
Drinking wine at a beach bonfire

Favorite Sports Team:

Oregon Ducks

Guilty Pleasure:

Sometimes she eats Nutella straight from the jar

If she were Reincarnated as a Drink:

Lemonade! Tasty on its own as well as mixed with friends

Dream Vacation Destination:

Coastal Mediterranean tour of Spain, France, Italy, and Greece

Song to the Soundtrack of her Life:

Run the World (Girls), Beyonce

We've done the internet stalking for you, here's the scoop on her...
Northern California body in a Southern California zipcode (she loves to spend time on her Surfbort). Emma is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, which instilled in a belief of education of the whole person through personal development and service to others in her. Lucky for us she's proud to have built a career around helping others grow personally and professionally.

So like, what exactly does she do at imATHLETE?
Emma is the support for the support, our resident Queen Bey boss lady! She ensures her team is best able to take care of all our clients and participants by providing everything from mentorship, guidance, a sounding board, or tacos and margaritas. In addition, she also ensures that imATHLETE attracts and retains the best and brightest talent, and spends her time continually evaluating our culture and creating programs and processes that support, develop, challenge, motivate, and reward everyone who works here.

She has a life outside of the office?!
Emma is a volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and enjoys spending time with her little sister, Haillie. She loves to travel and experience locales both near and far, mostly via the cuisine. Speaking of, she also loves food...cooking it, eating it, taking photos of it, you name it!