(a/k/a K-TECH) (a/k/a K#) (a/k/a K-DUB)

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Favorite outdoor activity

Favorite sports team

San Francisco 49ers

Guilty pleasure
Chocolate Chip Cookies

If I were reincarnated as a drink

Red Bull (it gives me wings)

Dream vacation destination

Song to the soundtrack of my life:

Float On, Modest Mouse

No need to Internet stalk me, here's the scoop...
I have over 15 years experience designing and developing cutting-edge applications in both the public and private sectors. Most notably I was an early team-member and a Lead Engineer/Architect for Yammer, which was acquired by Microsoft in July of 2012 for $1.2b. Prior to moving into the technology space I founded and established a debt collection agency in Arizona and also served an enlistment in the U.S. Army.

So what exactly do I do at imATHLETE?
I motivate, manage and inspire the technology team to design, develop and ship high-quality software efficiently and on a predictable schedule.

What's my life outside of the office?
When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, doing artwork, and playing my violin (EDITOR'W NOTE: we're still waiting to be serenaded by K-Tech at one of our company meetings).

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