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Favorite outdoor activity
Hiking, camping out, swimming, playing sports like tennis or dodgeball

Favorite sports team

Los Angeles Lakers

Guilty pleasure

Late night snacking

If I were reincarnated as a drink

Passion fruit boba iced tea

Dream vacation destination

Bora Bora

Song to the soundtrack of my life

Hymn for the weekend, Coldplay

No need to Google me, here's the scoop...
I grew up in the southern part of India and graduated with a degree in electronics and communications.  I was super active in track and field sports while also performing dance during my school and college days. I previously lived in New York before making my way to Los Angeles, which I love.

What do I do at imATHLETE?
As a software developer, I work with the technology team to create new features, enhance existing features, and fix bugs!

My life outside of the office
I love to spend time with my family and friends while exploring different hiking spots, listening to music, watching movies and playing sports. Oh, and I bust out a mean dance move every once in a while!

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