Team PhotoOur Awesome Team

A company is all about it's people - and we're a great company because we have great people (excuse the lack of humility).  We are passionate, hard-working and dedicated to growing your business.  And gosh-darnnit, we're super fun people too.  Go here to look at our faces.


icon_bullhorn2.pngOur Support Guarantee

Aside from being down-right hardworking, highly knowledgeable and super friendly people, we are committed to your success.  We even come right out and tell you exactly what you should expect.


Gears Icon.pngOur Mission

I Am Athlete.  You Are Athlete.  We move forward.  Everyday.  We try our best.  Everyday.  We may not be fast, we may not be slow.  We may come in first, last or anywhere in the middle.  But being an athlete has nothing to do with the time it takes you to get from point A to point B, but the time you have inbetween.  Our mission is you.  We've got a whole letter about it.


Edit Icon.pngInformation Resources

When you have questions, we want to get you the answers as quickly as possible. So we provide you with a lot of information in a lot of ways.  However you best consumer information is how you'll get it.  

There's a blog:

An FAQ for RDs:

An FAQ for athletes:

A newsletter for best practices:

And regular updates from the imATHLETE team.